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Amethyst BioMat Sessions

Now offering healing sessions on the incredible Amethyst BioMat




After using this amazing mat since June, I think it’s time I start letting other people use it too! Now you can reap the wonderful benefits of the far-infrared Amethyst BioMat.

For years I have been hearing about this mat, with amethyst crystals and how it was supposed to be so incredibly beneficial.  But no one told me that it also has:

–Far-Infrared light
–Controllable temperature settings
–Negative ions

Far-infrared light is as in invisible light that is absorbed by our bodies by 2-3 inches.  Simply put far-infrared light works on a cellular level, boosting certain proteins inducing an immune boost response.
Far-infrared light (FIR) is like getting a deep tissue massage, it actually goes deeper than getting a deep tissue, muscles fiber and fascia become less inflamed and your body’s pain disappears.

I’ve experienced FIR sauna’s for muscular pain from giving deep tissue massages and while it was wonderful, I would also get extremely dehydrated from the heat and get a horrible headache for the rest of the day along with nausea.  I would be in the FIR sauna for an hour, thinking I could handle the heat.  Sometimes I did, sometimes, I did not.

The BioMat gives me the same benefit, but without getting the symptoms of dehydration.

For more information and to read about more of the benefits, you can visit my other site about the BioMat.