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Animal Reiki

Reiki healing for animals?

YES! Our animal friends love receiving energy work, it’s very natural for them, since they vibrate unconditional love.  They use their energy to tune-in to their surroundings, including us.  You can tell when they beam their laser focus: they say I love you with their eyes and body language, they say I’m HUNGRY, and sometimes, they tell you they aren’t feeling so hot. 

Just as they ‘beam’ their loving Energy Medicine to us, we can beam right back at them–unconditional soothing Energy Work. Just like in people, animals receive the same benefit of Reiki/Energy Work:

  • balancing
  • releases blockages
  • reduce or eliminate pain
  • harmonize their mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level

How it works:
Energy healing can be administered by placing hands on or above the animal, or if the animal is more comfortable being in another room, it can be sent at a distance.  Offering animals Reiki is very empowering for them, and especially when the animal is in need due to some type of stress or discomfort, they practically smile when you offer Reiki to them.

When you offer Reiki to the animal, they are given a choice of receiving or not, they are in control of the session, they will let you know how long to administer the healing and if they like the intensity of the energy.  Depending on the animal, it might take a few minutes for the animal to settle–due to excitability with a new person in the setting and the excitability with the other animals.

Other animals: If you have more than one animal, please separate the animal that is going to be receiving Reiki, if you are able to, please place the other animals in a separate part of the home where they won’t pose as a distraction to the animal recipient.


In your home animal Reiki sessions can vary from anywhere to 20-45 minutes, including time for your pet (especially cats) to get used to someone different in their territory.

  • Sessions rates are by the hour, not by the animal.
  • Additional travel fee added over 15 miles