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Distance Healing Explained

What is a Distant Healing Session ?

It is receiving an energy flow from a fellow Energy Healing or Reiki Practitioner (either across the room, or across the globe).

How it’s done:

In Reiki Level II, we learn about using symbols to connect to any point in time and sending universal life force energy to that situation, person, thing, etc.  It is a way to focus energy using a symbol to transmit the energy (universal life force energy–Reiki).
Through years of practice, I don’t always use the symbol and I can tune in to the person as if they are right in front of me.

The only difference in distant healing is that the person receiving isn’t in the same room with me.   I begin as I always do, creating a safe and sacred space, then I imagine the person lying in front of me and I begin the session by scanning the body with my hands, connecting with the person’s energy, and holding the space for helping the person getting their energies flowing in the proper direction for that particular person.  It is a beautiful experience and amazing since we aren’t in the same room together…it can change your perspective about time, space and consciousness.
I would do the same thing if you were in person, releasing stagnant energy…maybe I am guided to use sound, crystals, aromatherapy….

Why get a distant healing?

When someone can’t come into to see me, it’s because they are a) on the other side of the world, b) their car broke down c) are incapacitated, d) cannot receive hands-on.  These are some of the reasons people might opt for a distance Energy/Reiki healing session.


Usually, a person will inquire with me about a distant healing session, and we will discuss creating a quiet space, to put a do-not-disturb sign on the door and to create a comfortable place where you are sitting, reclining or lying down.  I will advise you to make sure to not have any heavy or sugary foods before the session as you might not be comfortable during your session– you know how you feel if you eat something that is heavy, caffeinated, or surgery,  certain foods can make us feel bloated, lethargic and/or jittery. The calmer you are, the more you will be able to receive the Energy that you asked for.   Just like if you came in to see me, I always ask if you need to use the bathroom before hand.  This is done to maintain a connection during your sacred appointment

How much time does it take?
75 min for the energy work, and perhaps an extra 5 minutes on the phone before the session starts and 15-20 minutes after the session is finished to discuss any insights and discoveries. Or if you don’t have time after the session, we can email each other.

What happens for you:

If you have had  Reiki or Energy Work before, you might feel the same things you feel during an traditional hands-on healing session.  You might notice other things coming up for you, and feel the energy re-organizing and/or releasing.  You will feel deeply relaxed and expanded just as if you were in my healing room.

Afterward, make sure you drink plenty of water and give yourself some time to integrate yourself, just like you would in a traditional hands-on healing session.

Are we on the phone?

I will call you before the session begins, to answer any questions and to remind you to get comfortable, use the bathroom, etc.  I don’t like to keep us on the phone because the electro-magnetic frequency generated from cordless phones and wireless phones create more imbalances, plus speakerphones end up being a hindrance because often we aren’t able to hear each other correctly.

It’s probably a good idea to turn the phones off or turn off the ringer, or set an alarm so that we can speak after the session.  I will wait for you to call me and we can talk about all the wonderful things that we experienced together.  It’s such a fun process of discovery for the both of us, often people have told me how much they could feel my presence as if I was in the room and experience things I was experiencing.
It is so empowering to experience that we are all connected and we communicate with one another beyond our modern machines.

For someone who hasn’t experienced Reiki and Energy Work before, I would suggest an in-person session.  If you would like to set-up an appointment for distance healing or come in for a session with me feel free to email me or call, info@ojareiki.com or 805.669.7299.

Of course if you have any questions, contact me.