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My Family in Nepal

Please help my family in Kathmandu, Nepal help rebuild their home.

First of all, all of my family were very, very fortunate! I have many family members in Kathmandu, and out of all them, only 6 people were injured. And a group of my family members that live together in a small 4-story home, collapsed.

My brother and I started an Indiegogo campaign to help them rebuild.

Here is the link to donate, and please spread the word. The unique part of donating through Indiegogo Life, is that they don’t take a percentage fee, only when the monies are transferred, there will be fees charged by bank, and that is only nominal.

Eight members of my extended family were in their home when it collapsed on them. The matriarch, my Aunt Harimaya is 80 years old, in it were here sons and their families. Like I said, very good luck and very good karma.