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Here are the different Reiki & Energy Healing services I offer, description for each session:

Please contact me for free 30 minute Find Your Balance discovery session so I can best determine how I can be of service to you.

Quick Bliss

This is a 15 minute  session to provide you with an oasis of peace and along with some vibrant energy to restart your batteries.

Reiki & Energy Flow

A powerful yet gentle session focused on your intention(s), allowing you a safe, gracious space to open and create new transformations on a cellular level.  This sessioin is intuitively guided to help you move through any stagnant energy with gratitude, love and forgiveness while letting Divine energy flow.  This is also a hands-on healing type of session that might involved breath work, color, sound, guided visualizations, and aromatherapy.  You feel refreshed, energetic yet centered and peaceful.  Awaken Your True Self!

BioMat Add-On
Amplify your healing session with the BioMat, relax deeply, breathe-in some negative ions, and enhance your Reiki or Cranialsacral session.

Distant Healing
Don’t live in the area, or prefer to be in your own home?  Distant healing is a great way to receive a session from Sharmila.  You will need a quiet place to sit or lie down, you will select a time for your session.  All you have to do is remember to turn off any ringing, ticking things, REMEMBER your appointment!

The prices are the same for a distant healing session, please go to contact if you would like to schedule an appointment.

***1st time clients and 1st time getting an energy session, Reiki is recommended.  Due to the circumstances involved with Reiki & Energy Healing, Sharmila does not provide distance healing to first time clients or people who have never had an type of energy healing (Reiki, Prana, Polarity, Touch Therapy, etc).***