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Visit Ojai for the Vibe

Ojai is best known for it’s beauty, the Topa-Topa mountains (and The PINK MOMENT).  It’s also known as a resort-spa-retreat-town. In the early 20th century people were drawn to the natural spas–the healing hot springs which still run, but are closed to the public (Matilija Hot Springs & Wheeler Hot Springs).

Visit the Ojai Valley & Get some Ojai Reiki!

Visit the Ojai Valley & Get some Ojai Reiki!

But what drew people to Ojai was J. Krishnamurti, thus establishing the Ojai Valley as a spiritual oasis.  The spiritual awakening of J. Krishnamurti in Ojai, inspired and drew many seekers who visit and moved to Ojai to experience this special area.

I know when I came to visit a friend’s art exhibit at The Meditation Mount, I felt a deep connection that I wanted to explore and when an opportunity to move to Ojai came up a very short while later, I didn’t hesitate to move here.

Ojai, derived from the Chumash word “Ahway” meaning nest, some have interpreted as Valley of The Moon.  Long before the white settlers came to this land,  it was the Chumash that existed here for thousands of years.

This rich history culminates into a vibration that is palpable when you come into Ojai.  There is a serenity that pervades here, a nurturing energy, and when you are quiet enough in certain spots, you can hear the ancestors speak, watching you–(or maybe is a bear or mountain lion)…there is something really special about hiking into the Los Padres up in Matilija, I feel something very powerful there, a beautiful energy that is alive.  I imagine the ancient Chumash living back there, drinking form the mountain river…and partaking in the many hot springs that can be found there…it’s definitely a special place to hike.

Ojai’s spirituality is alive, with the many spiritual teachers and healing artists in town, it’s easy to understand why we are attracted to this area.  The sacred beauty that is everywhere is reflected in everyone, whether visiting or living here.  We all feel the difference when we leave, which is way a lot of Angelenos and other Californians are compelled to come back again and again, because everything is lifted away and your frequency is raised…recharged, renewed and alive.

This is the thing to do in Ojai–this is why it make energy healing so powerful, you experience your multi-dimensionality, don’t know what I’m talking about? Then you need to experience a session!

It’s not just a small town, it’s got a sweet, nurturing vibe.