Take your first step to loving yourself by downloading a gift called "Peace of Mind" - it's a guided audio.  

Loving Yourself is the most important task right now.


Self-love is not a privilege,  nor is it a luxury. 

It's a necessity.

Have you thought about what really matters now that the world has slowed down a bit? 

It's slowed down so much at one point, scientists were able to pick up data when the world was in lock-down mode earlier this spring. 


Now, self-care is at the utmost important for your sanity, and to keep your immune
system in fine-tune so you don't get the rona. 


Enter Reiki.


What's in it for you? Peace of mind for one thing. Getting rid of confusion, taking a load off, relief from the bombardment of the heaviness in the air. 


Working from home or getting laid-off and having your life upended over night hasn't been easy for most of us.


Reiki offers an hour of calm where you can find a sense of inner peace, and metaphysically, clear your energy and get a feel renewed. Balanced chakras, less stress, which all affects your physiology. 


Life can still be good, once again, even right now, especially right now.  


See how we can connect below.


***You don't need to see me in-person, this is energy and we can do it over the phone or if you prefer to see me on Zoom.  Remote energy work is exactly the same but in the comfort of your own home. ***




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    *In order to schedule, you must also pay for the session ($175).* 

    ***must book 1 day in advance**

    Please call 805-669-7299 to book the analog way

  • Listen to The Confident Healer podcast while you walk, drive or clean. I started a podcast in late September.

    Hear soul full and inspiring conversations from other healers as we discuss confidence, life and making it through the world..

You know self-love is a necessity, and want a deeper dive than just one session. 

You know you would like to invest in more than just one session for yourself, get more guidance about navigating a job, family, and/or relationship.


If you feel like you need a guidance  and you know you are ready to transform and need more self-care on a weekly basis, schedule below for a 30 minute Get Clear discovery session.  


 We will discover what you want and if I am the one that can help you get what you want for your life. 








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