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The path of a healer is definitely a calling.  A calling that I gradually stepped into  because it’s an unorthodox profession. 


When I took Reiki Level 1, I didn’t take it because I was interested in being a healer, I took it because I knew I wanted to be self-reliant when it came to my physical health and spiritual well being. I was 30, hated my job, and heartbroken over an ex.  


Reiki was a catalyst, and I underwent a huge transition and transformation. With the help of my psychologist/hypnotherapist/Reiki Master Teacher, and giving myself Reiki everyday, I ended up moving out of the country and going back home to Nepal to connect deeper with my some of my  family.   My soul longed to be reunited with them which showed up in my unconscious, in my dream world. For years until I finally went back to Nepal, I had dreams upon dreams of seeing my cousins in Kathmandu, and my soul longed to take a different path but the ego-centric part refused to listen until that Reiki Level 1 class.


I knew I have always been empathic, and it made me understand people on a deeper level, that their outward actions were coming from ingrained patterning that I could see like a roadmap to their past. It never occurred to me that helping was healing. I just knew I went out of my way to help people. I remember being in the 5th grade and counseling a friend about her boyfriend and being able to understand why she felt frustrated with him. I considered it a strength that I could deeply be empathetic to someone's plight and put myself in their shoes.  I can see all this now, as someone that works with Energy, and as my work continues to evolve with the changing energies, I also change. 


I offer a way to peace building through focused strategies to help you navigate through heartbreak to help you get over your ex. 


It's a step-by-step process that if you are patient and stay on task, you will change and get over him/her/them. 


I am honored to be your guide and hold your hand as we navigate what holds you back in your love life, from the work you love to do, or to help you learn how to listen to your intuition and develop the courage to follow your intuition.


As this is energy, even if you don't live in the area, we can still conduct sessions over Zoom or Skype.


Be well. Be Fully You.

With deep love,


Sharmila has a Bachelors of Science in Journalism, is a Reiki Master Teacher and is also a certified California massage therapist, and a certified Bio-Energetic CranialSacral practitioner. She is also a trained Akashic Record Reader.


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