Watch my recent interview with Angie Doyle on her Youtube Channel about self-love and confidence.


Heal Your Pain Expert Series

The Heal Your Pain Expert Series was a month long  interview series I co-created with Keslie Mack in September of 2019. 


We interviewed 21 amazing healers about  healing pain, whether it's chronic, emotional, physical, spiritual or mental pain.


Click the button and it will take you to a page where you can view or download the videos or audios for free. 


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It's really easy to give yourself some Reiki and/or energy work!
If you haven't been attuned to Reiki, don't worry, you can still do Energy Work

How to do Reiki and Energy Work on Your Self

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Watch how easy it is to feel energy between your hands! I demonstrate how to feel the energy, by facing your palms inward, less than an inch apart, and then you feel a pull between your hands, and/or maybe you feel sensations. 


If you have taken a Reiki class, I show you easy hand positions while sitting on a couch. 


If you have a few minutes and you have taken a Reiki class, it's very easy to just lay your hands on top of your thighs, or hold your face up while you at your desk or at a cafe listening to your friend. You can multi-task and give yourself the healing gift of spiritual (Rei) and energy (Ki).


But if you have never taken Reiki or any type of Energy Work, or it's been a while, this is a very easy video to follow along. 



How to do Reiki on Your Self (self-Reiki)

It's the same in this video, I am standing up filming, it's about 3 mintues long, and I walk you through how to give yourself Reiki.


If you haven't take any kind of Energy Work or Reiki class, just follow along and see what happens!


It can't hurt and you can't fuck it up!


Let me know how you do! (email me at info @ ojai reiki .com )



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